The Connie and Robert Foundation - Horizons program, aims to inspire youth experiencing psychological hardships, to motivate them to work effortfully in their psychotherapy, and celebrate their psychological growth with a trip of a lifetime. While there are many charitable organizations in Québec that encourage young adolescents that have dealt with physical illness, there is no equivalent for adolescents experiencing challenging mental health problems. The Horizons program seeks to bridge this gap and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues which continues to exist in our society.


The Horizons program offers selected participants who have committed to their psychological treatment during adolescence, shown sustained effort and determination to make long lasting life changes and are now between the ages of 21 to 25, the opportunity to travel to another country for a 7-day organized tour.  Participants must be referred by their treating psychologist and are selected by an independent committee of psychologists.

It takes a village to raise a child and the Horizons program believes encouraging youth who have taken the steps toward psychological change is paramount to a better life and healthier society.


Upcoming Trip

Our 2024 trip is to Croatia. Alyra Expeditions has organized the itinerary and will provide local guides throughout the trip.

An independent selection committee of five psychologists will choose five youth yearly based on pre-established criteria. Preference will be given to those who have several psychosocial risk factors, who represent more vulnerable populations, and who have not had the opportunity nor the means to travel. This gift will be a celebration of their psychological journey and an enriching life experience creating long lasting memories. 

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Our Goals

  1. To celebrate psychotherapeutic journeys.
  2. To empower youths to feel accomplished by their psychotherapeutic gains.
  3. To encourage connection with peers and personal growth through shared experiences during and following the trip.
  4. To learn about new cultures.
  5. To raise public awareness of the importance of psychotherapy as treatment of psychological difficulties.


Trips are safe and promote inclusivity. We protect the confidentiality of our participants, who choose where to be featured in our promotional materials.

Facebook message from Florence K

More than ever, young people are facing major challenges, and the numbers show just how much the prevalence of psychological problems during adolescence has increased in recent years.

As the mother of a teenager who has experienced anxiety-related problems, I know just how much the distress experienced by these young people can affect not only their psychological and physical well-being, their studies, their social life, but also their development.

These problems are not a condemnation, and one of the avenues of recovery that we encourage for our young people is undoubtedly psychotherapy. However, this requires a certain amount of effort, commitment and openness to change - in short, consistent work.

That's why The Connie and Robert Foundation, a non-profit organization, has set up the Horizons program, to recognize the work of young people who have lived with psychological problems during their adolescence (ages 12-19), who have invested in psychotherapy to bring about significant changes in their lives, and who are now between the ages of 21 and 25.

Through this program, selected candidates will be offered a free 7-day group trip abroad.

One of the aims of the Horizons program is to highlight the benefits of psychotherapy. Two groups of young people, referred by their psychologist, have already had the chance to take part in the program and travel to Italy (2022) and Spain (2023). It's been a real success, and participants have reported many benefits! For example, in addition to discovering a new culture, the young people have forged lifelong friendships! Please visit their website, by clicking on the link below, to read their testimonials and view a short video of their trip.

The next trip will take place in June 2024, in Croatia. Alyra Expeditions will help organize the itinerary and provide local tour guides throughout the trip. The foundation's founders will join the trip, all at their own expense. Young people must be referred by their treating psychologist.

If you or your child are interested in this program, your psychologist (or your child's psychologist) is invited to submit an application. To do so, a short REGISTRATION form must be completed by the psychologist on the website. You can also read testimonials from psychologists describing the easy referral process. Candidates are selected by an independent committee of psychologists.

If you have any questions, you can contact the foundation directly on Facebook at @conniescuccimarri or on instagram @connierobertfoundation or on the website in the Contact section.

Please join us in supporting this cause for the youth of Québec. This gift will celebrate their psychological journey and provide them with enriching life experiences.

Florence & Alice (my daughter)

  • Camille - Italy 2022

    I was very touched to know that a panel of psychologists recognized the efforts I made to overcome my psychological difficulties deserved to be rewarded. I wish that all young adults who successfully surmount one or more mental health problems during adolescence get the chance to experience a trip from Horizons. It's rare that we recognize the importance of mental health in our society.

  • Sara - Italy 2022

    Group discussions made this trip very memorable for me. First, Connie and Robert constantly took care of us and made sure that we were comfortable. We really felt their involvement and that they were genuinely interested in our stories and our well-being. Next, Alberto, our Alyra tour guide, did an exceptional job too. Not only did he coordinate the trip to perfection, his personality, humor and his know-how complimented and completed the group dynamic.

  • Rose - Italy 2022

    I adored everything about Italy. The trip was very well-organized. I don't recall the last time when I did not have to make any decisions for one week, except choosing my meals! I especially loved the perfect mix between discovery, adventure and relaxation. Of course the food was excellent in all the restaurants. The restaurants were carefully selected and it showed! I recommend this trip to those who have gone through difficult life events during adolescence, and the definition of difficult is different for each person.

  • Teodora - Italy 2022

    I really loved discovering Italy with the group, we learned so much as our guides were really knowledgeable about the history and culture. I was really apprehensive going on this trip because meeting new people is stressful for me, but having a trip highlight my battles and my successes, was one of the best applause I ever received. It was nice to see some people going through the same thing as me and still living to tell their story. There is a special bond that happened in that short week that I am sure will never be erased from my mind.

  • Élizabeth - Italy 2022

    I was so happy and so excited to meet the others who were selected. I really loved Italy. Thanks to Tatiana, Alberto and Julia, I learned so much about the history of this country. I adored Florence! In regards to the food, everything was delicious! During the group activities, I felt well-accepted and supported. There was an unexplainable connection between us, as if we understood exactly what the other person felt. It was a really beautiful experience, a lovely trip with extraordinary people.

  • Léonie - Spain 2023

    Many thanks for this magnificent experience and for this wonderful recognition. This trip will be engraved in my memory forever, it was the most beautiful experience I have had in my entire life. It was nice to be able to talk to other people who had experienced similar life experiences to mine, I felt understood and accepted. During this trip, I felt free to be myself. I’m back home with a heart filled with love and a head full of memories. In addition to bringing back souvenirs, I came back with new friends, thank you!

  • Audrey - Spain 2023

    This trip gave me renewed hope in life. I have always struggled at the emotional and relational level. With my psychologist, we did years of exposure training, to allow me to reduce my level of anxiety. I was afraid of having difficulty including myself in the group, however, I was able to open up to the girls and I developed good friendships with each one of them. We all managed to get along well and forge good relationships. Thanks to the way Alberto presented the activities to us, I was able to be in the present moment. This experience will be with me forever. I want to say thank everyone involved, Connie, Robert, Alberto and the donors!

  • Safia - Spain 2023

    Initially, I was nervous to go on a trip for the first time with strangers, but I was pleasantly surprised to meet people with whom I had so much in common. I felt well surrounded and safe with Connie, Robert, and our fabulous guide Alberto. I really enjoyed discovering Spain, all the activities we took part in were enriching, fun and above all it was a way, especially for me, to face my fears and grow as a person. I would say to young people who are afraid to go with a group, with people that they know more or less, go ahead, take the trip, face your fears because I had one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you so much to everyone who made this experience possible.

  • Andrea - Spain 2023

    I didn’t expect to be chosen for this trip. I was surprised and honored. It was a very enriching experience. The places visited, the architecture and food were incredible. Everything was better with my travelling companions and of course with Alberto! I am so happy to have met people who were so interesting and admirable and now who are linked with me in friendship. During this trip, I felt as if I was in a different world, where I could explore and do as I please. I felt free without any worries. I would like to thank Connie and Robert and the donors who gave me the chance to experience this incredible trip. Thank you for all the memories that still bring a smile to my face. I will never forget this trip!

  • Zoe - Spain 2023

    This trip showed me how fun and exciting life could be if I took more chances and embraced possible mistakes. Mental illness is really challenging to understand for those who have not experienced it. On the other hand, going through it enabled me to have a specific type of empathy that is really special and helps me to connect with people. I felt as if I had known these girls for years, and I felt comfortable opening up and being myself, which usually takes me years to feel when making new friends. To the donors, thank you! This trip has changed my mindset about so many things. It has showed me that recovery can lead to amazing things, as I could not have done any of these things without choosing me and healing my body and mind.

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