Thanks to your trust and support, The Connie and Robert Foundation will encourage Québec youth to seek psychological help and make positive and lasting life changes. This will in turn promote mental health in Québec which will benefit all our society.

Please consider donating to this cause. Every donation is important. When added together with others, your gift becomes a powerful force to improve mental health of Québec adolescents. All donations will be processed in a secure and confidential manner online with the Shopify app. The Connie and Robert Foundation is in the process of applying for charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency.

You too can help improve youths’ mental health. They are our future!


We anticipate holding an annual fundraising campaign. The amount raised will determine the number of trips offered. The objective is to accompany approximately five young adults every year.

100% of donations will be used to fund the cost of travel for the selected candidates. Administrative costs will be borne by the founders of the Foundation. The Foundation is in the process of applying for charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency.


As part of our fundraising efforts, we will welcome corporate sponsors to support and associate themselves with this unique and valuable cause related to youth mental health. Québec businesses, with their significant reach, will be approached to consider partnering with the Horizons program to encourage and promote psychological well-being and resilience in our Québec youth and young adults.

The Connie and Robert Foundation -Horizons program promises to inspire youth going through psychological hardships. We are hopeful that youth learning about the Foundation will be motivated to work hard in psychotherapy and continue to make changes in their lives so they have a better future. Together, we can celebrate their emotional and psychological growth as adults on this trip. This will be a voyage they will remember forever. Help us make this dream come true.

Please consider donating to this cause.

Thank You

We would like to thank Prospek and Diff Agency for their dedication and significant support in helping us prepare the launch of our Foundation and the Horizons program. We are extremely appreciative for their work in helping us advocate in favour of mental health initiatives in Québec.

We also thank the following sponsors:

  • Maison Principale
  • Industry Events
  • Fleuriste Italia
  • Casa D'Eramo
  • Les Délices Lafrenaie
  • GoFresh Group
  • Valet Parking Bob Perras
  • Thomas Di Re
  • Adam Di Re


If you are motivated to learn about our mental health initiative and like new challenges, please send us a message with a description of yourself and the reason you would like to contribute to our Foundation. Please include your name, age, reason you would like to volunteer, special skills that can help our Foundation and how best to reach you.